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OK here goes.

In the preceding couple of weeks, on and off, I had a pain in my left calf which felt like the feeling that you have the next day after a nighttime cramp.
One week pain,
next week pain went away
and it came back Friday,
got a little worse Saturday,
and was there Sunday.

I called my vascular surgeon at 0710AM Monday.
went to his office, was met by the ultrasound technician and examined.

They found a small clot in my left calf.
They also checked my right leg (that I had trouble with about 16-18 months ago) and said that the clots were still behind my right knee, but were smaller.

Doc comes in.
what did you find?
He tells me that I need to loose weight, OK.
OK, so how do we proceed? Shots, pills, home, hospital, tests?

Doc said, sending you for tests for 'thick blood', No change in activity and restart the Coumadin at the previous levels, get the blood tests before you start the meds as it will affect some of the results.

Go home, shower, get ready for work, then to the blood lab near my office and they collect, 10 or 11 vials, OY! atleast they got the location Perfect the first time!

After work, I pick up the meds and start them that evening.
I take the first dose and couple of hours later I feel flushed and take a nap in the recliner.
Similar effect on Tuesday evening.
Wednesday, similar, but I took my temp and it was 100.8,
Thursday morning it was 99.2,
Same thing Thursday evening but 100.4 .

Since Tuesday or so, I've been getting another pain in my left calf on the inside of the calf from the initial pain.

Dave njbigbear convinced me to call the docs this morning, Friday, and find up what's up.

I sent this to my teammates to advise my whereabouts.

Each of the last 4 evenings, a couple of hours after I took the
coumadin, I felt warm or flushed. Wednesday evening I took my
temperature and it was 100.8 . Lastnight my temperature measured
100.4-100.6 . I have an additional area of pain on the inside of my
left calf. Oddly my temperature was almost normal this morning. ~98.7 .

This morning I called the vascular and got a call back a little while
ago, the receptionist asked many questions and said that she will get
intouch with Dr. and get back to me.

I just got a call back from the vascular's office, as I am writing this.
The doctor is not concerned about the additional area of pain in the
left calf as I have been on coumadin since Monday. They indicated that
I do not need to visit their office, but advise that I should see my GP
for the fever concerns.

I asked if they have ever heard of coumadin causing increased temp and
they said that they hadn't.

I called my GP's office and coerced an appointment with my preferred
doctor, for 410PM today ( which translates to around 530 to actually see
the doctor. )

Depending on the advice of my GP we will determine what we are going to
do about visiting our friends in Rock Tavern NY for the weekend.

I've taken my temp a couple of times today and at about 1230 it was 99.7, 1430 it was 100.0 .

I've got an appt with my GP at 4PM.

I'll keep you posted.
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