Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

as heard on the elevator one morning this week...

There were 4 of us on the elevator, some getting off at the fourth floor, some on the sixth this morning.

-guy on cellphone (with headset): it's just pathetic, there's like only one elevator running in the building.
-jeff thinks: this should be good...
-guy on cellphone: they can't even afford to pay to get the other one(s) fixed.
-guy on cellphone: must be some cost savings, budget thing...
-jeff thinks: hum, if we got rid of you, if we were stupid enough to hire you, or stopped buying the junk that you're peddling, if we were so desperate, maybe (they) could afford to get the contract on the other elevator(s).
-guy on cellphone and woman get off elevator at the fourth floor.

-jeff to other guy remaining in elevator: yeah, and if we fired you (meaning the cellphone guy) we could easily afford to get the service contract on the other elevator. If he doesn't like being here that much, maybe he should just go away.
-other guy on elevator (heavy unknown accent): yes, maybe yes.
what an ass****

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