Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,


Dave and I went up to visit Mom. Did some stuff around the place for her, swapped TVs between her BR and the back BR, looked at this and that, checked a couple of things...

We dispensed presents, took pictures, etc.

Watched some TV.

Several phone calls later, looking to get into a particular restaurant or to find a place with onion soup. Eventually the three of us went out to dinner at a local diner, The New Heritage Diner, Hackensack, NJ. There was a guy at the next table, who, when he spoke kept reminding me of my deceased Dad. It was shoving me to a unhappy place. I eventually arrived at the unhappy place. Hapily dinner was short.

Back at the house, we had dessert.

Watched the final episode of West Wing, which made me cry.

We left a short time later to head back to the apartment.

The dreary weather and the fact that it's Monday are not helping my mood.

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