Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

Hillside news @ 1015 - via Phone

I got a call back from our friend Peter @ Frogalia @ Hillside.

  • Hard downpour since about quarter to 6
  • At 6PM the creek was up to the bottom of the bridge
  • The creek has washed out the overflow area
  • All roads in camp are closed
  • Water has been turned off
  • Vehicles may need to be moved to the landing strip
  • Power may need to be shut off in camp
  • 4 to 5 foot gouges in the hilly part of the road above Bearadise and Frogalia
  • 6" of the hill behind Bearadise is on their back deck
  • The creek is running FAST (est 40 - 50 MPH)
  • there is 3" of water on the road leading up to Bearadise and Frogalia
  • 8" of water in front of site across from Bearadise

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