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not really sure if I want to post this...

ok, here goes.

Dave njbigbear and I were headed to Hillside Campgrounds on Friday, we called Mom at around 6PM. She preceeded to inform Dave that she had fallen on the cellar stairs and fell to the concrete floor, put her hands down to stop her fall and...

I was driving and I only heard one side of the story, Dave filled me in as he was conversing with Mom.

It seems that she was doing the wash and was going downstairs to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, the light over the laundry machines and the sink was on, the window at the bottom of the stair was open, letting (bright) light and fresh air into that part of the basement, so, she had decided to leave the basement lights off. She didn't realize that she still had an (extra) step to go when she stepped out, expecting the cellar floor (and found nothing but air). Falling on her hand and knees, palms down. After a few moments, she got up, realized what she was in the basement for and then proceeds to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, start the dryer and head upstairs to collect herself. She said that it was difficult moving the damp laundry from the washer to the dryer, trying to use only her right hand...

Our call arrived, I think, about 10 or 15 minutes after she sat down upstairs.

She reported to Dave that her left wrist hurt and her hand was swollen. He advised her that she should get medical attention, I told him that she doesn't have a GP, just a cardiologist, oncologist, visiting phlebotomist and she should get ahold of one of several family friends in the area, Mrs B (Mom B), Darline & Jim or Joel and get to the ER. We were on 287 leaving the Woodbridge area at the time and asked if she would like us to reroute to the house, but she said no, that she would be ok.

During the rest of the trip, about 2:45 hours we don't hear anything, we call the house periodically to see what's up, how she's doing, no answer... that's probably a good thing.

We get to the camper, setup the VOIP phone, call the house again, no answer.
We chat about it and realize that Mrs B (Mom B) is not available, we call Darline's cell, get her and confirm that MomB is not available. Darline informs us that Mom is not with them and that they are out to dinner. I give her my VOIP number to call if she finds out anything. Darline offers to pass by the house and check out things. I tell her what Joel's car looks like and where he usually parks and where he lives.

A little while later we get a call at the camper, from Darline, the house was dark, Mom's car was by the side of the house, Joel's car was not nearby.

OK, Mom's probably getting looked at. cool.

I get a call from Mom...

She called Joel and he took her to the ER, they did a couple of X-rays, found a broken wrist, possible dislocation (per Joel) and set and put her arm in a cast, knuckles to elbow.

How was she feeling, a little disorientated and the swelling in her had was increasing. The doc has prescribed painkillers and Joel was going to get them filled (tomorrow) because the pharmacy was closed. Mom is fiercly loyal to that pharmacy [grin].

Over the weekend I called to see how she was doing. Darline&Jim said that they and Mom B will be dropping in on her to check on her.

Dave & I stopped by Mom's place Sunday evening. She is doing OK, was not able to sleep Friday evening as she wasn'y able to get herself into a good position with the arm and the pillows. It seems that the pain meds helpes Saturday evening and she reported that she slept well. We brought a Wendy's baked potato with butter, as she requested, and a loaf of Bingham's Cinnamon Raisin bread, which I sliced.

The town has alternate side of the street parking, of sorts, so he moved the car from one side to the other and returned to the house, reporting that it took 9 or 10 trys to get the motor started. It was turning over but would not catch. We went outside to check it, put the scan tool on it and found no codes and the car started up as it always did. Odd. We would have checked the fuel pump pressure, but it was after 10PM at that point, dark and we didn't have the proper tools with us.

We returned inside to advise Mom that it's probably the fuel pump starting to fail and that she should turn the key two clicks to the 'on' position and wait about 30 seconds before trying to start the car, next time she uses it. The car is due for an oil change so I told her to tell the mechanic about the hard to start problem when she takes it in.

That's all for now!
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