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quest diagnostics

Going throught yesterday's mail, I come across a final notice before collections from Quest Diagnostics...

My feedback to the on the Contact Us page of the website.
your billing and invoicing system is horribly annoying, if I wanted to be 
quizzed and (basically) measured for a suit I would go to a taylor, not visit a 
website to try and pay your bill.

I would like to set you folks up in my bank's payment system, which would shorten 
the cycle between service and payment, but, you can't seem to provide me my account 
number.  without having an account number to note on the check, I cannot be sure that 
the payment that the bank sends will get applied properly.  The only identifying information 
that I can use is the lab code and the invoice number, this is simply GARBAGE.

On several occasions I have requested that your billing support folks recommend that 
Quest be able to send a Statement Of Account, as most other businesses are capable of 
producing, but I see that the system is still inadequate to the task.

Good Luck.

needed to vent.
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