Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

the weekend.

We had a nice weekend at camp.

The End.

Thursday was a PERFECT day to travel, it was warm, not humid, the sky was beautiful, the traffic was light.

Friday, I got to meet some very nice medical supplies folks at Wasserotts in Dickson City, PA. When we packed, I forgot my CPAP hose and exhalation valve. Didn't sleep that well on Thursday night into Friday so, some Googling and a couple of phone calls and I was on my way to Wasserotts. They even gave me a discount for not using insurance!

Saturday started out as a nice day, started getting warm and muggy and then about 2/3 of the way through breakfast at the cafe' the sky opened up and it started raining, harder, harder, harder, then downpour. The creek and the waterfall were quite full. Pictures to follow. A short drive and a little grocery shopping for Marvin & Mark and the cafe' and then dinner with Marvin, Mark and Michael. Excellent chicken and pasta & sauce and bread, and grilled veg and ... The weather was behaving itself and it got quite cool in the evening and a little damp. Dave and gang went up to the fire and I hung out at the camper, cranked up the heat to dry the place out and relaxed watching the TV for a while before hitting the sack.

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL, ironically leaving day is almost-always beautiful at Hillside. Cool, sunny, dry. We went over to Frogailia(sp?) and I helped Peter with an electrical problem that he was having with the low voltage lighting in their front garden. Peter and I had some nice shared geeky moments and played with some cool tools and test equipment, some mine, some his. Ultimately the problem with the lights was the span of wire from the transformer to the first light in the chain. We removed the first light, checked a couple of things and the rest went on and stayed on. Replacing that section of wire will be a future project. We stayed at Frogaylia for a while, realizing the time we headed back to the camper, to work on the canopy and to pack up. Some power washing and scrubbing and detergents and elbow grease and Nothing, None of the muck was coming off the f'n canopy. Peter & Mel tooled by on their cart and stopped to offer advice. Peter *Read The Directions* and saw that the canopy could be machine washed, so we packed up the material, the power washer and we'll be machine washing it for use next weekend. As we were cleaning up from the cleaning fiasco, I started to realize that it was late mid afternoon and I had not eated since about 10am.

not good.

I was starting to get a little shaky. I had some crackers, Marvin and Mark had been helping with the project and invited us back to their place for leftovers from the prior evening. Yummy! Yes, please! After (dinner) we packed up and loaded the truck for the trip home. We were going to head over to Mom's place on the way back but a couple of heavy traffic areas delayed us to the point that we called her to cancel for this evening and said that we would visit during the week.

The end.

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