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users... joy... A story in two(or more) acts named PEBKAC.

My customer created a support ticket # x001 - user reports trouble with records only disconnect order.

I do research and find that the referenced order name and details are for a records only Add order. [odd]

I inform the customer that the reported order maps to a records only Add order, not a records only disconnect and tell him that the user will need to cancel the Add order and create a Disconnect order.

The customer informs the user.

Several days later, the user sends a screen shot showing the same error message on a different order name, checking the database, the order details are the same as the original complaint.

OK, they created a new order and it has the same trouble.
Let's see if it's a Delete order or another Add order.
shesh - Yup, it's another Add order.

Call the customer.
Hey, how are you doing today? good. I've got some feedback on that issue that you sent EM about. [snip] Please advise the user to seek local assistance creating their Records Only Delete order. They have creating another Add order and it failed. OK?


We sigh and hang up our phones.

I would love to leave the following in the resolution of the support ticket:

[PEBKAC] - problem exists between keyboard and chair.

But I can't, it would be a bad thing...

The End.
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