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busy week. TGIF busy weekend

Very Busy Week, this past week. TGIF

testing and updating an new install document for one of our customers for the software that I support. I hit some snags along the way because there is a small difference between the customer's environment and ours.

Snapped at Dave a couple of times, sorry!
Snapped at the boss a couple of times in the group meeting the other day.

going to PA and NYS to visit friends tonight and tomorrow.

Mom's getting an angiogram on Monday to check on her aortic valve,
I'm staying over Sunday evening to Monday, the hospital wants us there at 6AM YUCH!

I'm going to look into upgrading the house to digital cable and get a cable modem so that I can spend some time there if a valve replacement is indicated.

There's still alot to do...

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