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personal space...

personal space... a message to Frank the tickler guy.


To all the fine people who ventured into this post, please accept my apologies for the strong sentiments, herein, on this Monday AM, except, of course, for Frank the tickler.

If you are a stranger or a relative stranger and we have been introduced, subsequently, when you and I greet or part, if I invite you into my personal space for a hug, please don't think that I have given you carte blance (sp?) to grab my sides and tickle me.

To the person who did, this weekend, next time I will not ask you to stop, I will just grab the fingers on both hands and squeeze and twist until you start screaming and I will not stop squeezing and twisting until I hear some of them break and you stop screaming because you have passed out.

a threat, no.
a promise.

In my past, as a novelty, I used to squeeze drinking glasses until they shattered, it's a neat party trick.

That is all.
Thanks for reading.

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