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September 21st, 2006

critters @ 05:50 pm

Mood: annoyed anxious, annoyed, amused...
Music: Sirius #015 - classic rewind.

So, the maintenance guys left here about an hour ago after extracting 4 small squirrels from two holes that they cut into the sheetrock behind the stove. The whole operation took about 2 hours.

I think that the most frustrating component of these issues is that the (management folks) don't give feedback that they received the issue and what they have done about it...

Tuesday I called the apartment complex management office and told them that I heard scratching noises in the wall behind the stove. During the day Tuesday, it seems that they may have called critter control who (may have) come over and put a trap in the crawlspace above our second floor apartment.

no response.

I called yesterday morning, got the office VM, reported that the scratching noises were still happening and to ask what they were doing about it.

no response.

I called yesterday afternoon, got the office VM, reported the scratching noises again.

no response.

I called this morning, to report continued scratching and clawing, left VM.

no response.

I called midday today, got the assistant property manager, Kim, a sirly woman, who would make a good diesel-dyke if she swung that way.

Kim - Yeah, I called (critter control guy) and he has put traps up in the crawlspace.
Jeff- Over the last three days I have been leaving messages telling you that the critter is in the wall, about 4 foot above the floor in the area behind the stove, NOT IN THE CEILING. I don't hear them in the ceiling, this time...

(now would be a good time to tell you kind folks that critters in the crawlspace are about a quarterly occurrence in this garden apartment and that most of the time, we are given NO FEEDBACK about the progress of the issue.)

Kim - I'll call (critter control guy) and find out what's happening.
Jeff- O.K.

(a couple of hours pass). I call and get VM. I tell them that the critter has started making noises that sound like crying.

(time passes).
I called and chatted with Dave njbigbear, who called the management office on the other line and let me listen in. He was told that the (critter control guy) has traps up in the crawlspace and that they are checked hourly. He told her that he has heard scratching noises in the wall also.

Still on the phone w/ Dave. I check the hatchway to the crawlspace and I see a cobweb still attached, figure that the (critter control guy) has not showed up. [I'm pissed now].

(about 10 minutes pass).
I call the office and get Kim.
Jeff- Kim, Jeff in 9B, what is happening to resolve the critter problem in the wall?
Kim - I have not been able to get ahold of the (critter control guy) to get an update.
Jeff- Did you get my earlier messages?
Kim - no.
Jeff- The critters are tapping on the wall now and making noises that sound like crying.
Kim - ok.

About 15 minutes later I am visited by Ben, a cute twenty-something maintenance guy, who shows up with a hav-a-heart trap, a jar of peanut butter and a ladder. He is preparing to head into the crawlspace. I ask that he go into the kitchen and have a listen to the wall. He hears the critters in the wall. He goes up in the crawlspace and advises that there is a trap up there.

Jeff- Hum, interesting. Can you see any evidence of critters?
Ben - Oh yes, there are tracks, this way and that.
Jeff- Can you see how they got in?
Ben - Yes, I can see daylight over near the eves on the back side of the building.
Jeff- arrrgrgrh.
Jeff- Can you see down into the wall around the area above the stove?
Ben - drops to the floor of the crawlspace. seems to be trying to get closer to the outer wall of the building. I can't get close enough to see down that part of the wall, and there is plywood in the way. It looks like the critters are coming across here, going up and over the plywood and down the wall.
Jeff- hum, so they have been at this for a while.
Ben - yes, probably quite a while.
Jeff- grumble.

[fast forward] Three maintenance guys in the kitchen, two crouching down behind the stove that has been pulled out from the wall, the manager is holding the flashlight while one of the others cuts a hatch door into the wallboard and looks in with a flashlight, reports that there are several, maybe three squirrels in the wall near the floor and that they will need to make a hole lower to get them out.

[fast forward]
Two squirrels are in the trap and they are pissed.
Out of the apartment they go to be released.
Ben comes back with the empty trap.
One more is retrieved and he is even more pissed.
Out he goes.
The maintenance guy that is left is checking to hear if there are any others.
There are.
He called for Ben who is having trouble getting the third squirrel out of the trap.
Ben comes back about 5 or so minutes later reporting the trouble removing the third squirrel from the trap.
Jeff- heh...
the next 10 or so minutes are consumed with trying to get the fourth squirrel to fall to the floor and then to coax him into the trap so that he can be moved outside and be free.
#4 doesn't want to leave. He is screaming and carrying on and seems to be trying to get away from the guys, who have #4 by the tail with, one of those picker-uppers kind of like this, except with two movable grabbers:
The second fellow eventually gives up on the remote tongs and grabs the squirrel by the tail and trys to coax him into the trap for removal. squirrel #4 tries to climb up the wall and ut the upper hole and is denied exit.
#4 is in the trap and out the door.
The other guy is listening to the wall and tapping gently to see if there are any more.
none. Good.
Ben comes back and reports that #1-#3 are still in the same place on the tree where he coaxed them out of the trap and that he finally had to prod #4 with a stick to get him out of the trap.
The guys exchange radios and the second guy heads out.

I say Thank You to guy #2.

Ben says that he'll be back with supplies close up the hole temporarily so that they can get back in if the parents or the babies come back.
Jeff - OK.
He comes back and finishes.
Jeff - Do you have a shop vac to clean up the shards of paper that came out of the wall with the squirrels?
Ben - yes. I'll be back with a dustpan and broom.
Jeff- ok.
Ben comes back with cleaning supplies and a bottle of Lysol cleanup spray.
Jeff- cool.

My mood has definitely improved over the course of the afternoon. Dave can attest to that and Kim has felt some of my ire. The maintenance guys have overheard some of the conversations between Dave & I and Kim & I and made comments of their own.
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)

All we really are is Squirrels,
We're being hunted we are Squirrels,
We are appealing we are Squirrels,

We want to gather nuts,
But, people splatter our guts,
When they're on a country drive,
It isn't easy to survive,

Just the other day,
I saw a squirrel get blown away,
They served him on a dinner tray,
They baked him into a souffle,
Squirrel season opens up today,
If you're a squirrel run away,
I don't know what else I should say,
Please call the A.S.P.C.A.

Fur coats from us are made,
Fur is nice but, I like suede,
They scrape our fur off with a blade,
And never bother with first aid,
We squirrels really like to play,
And we like to catch some rays,
Please don't kill us this we pray,
We're cute and harmless anyway,

We're not delicious,
We are not racoons,
Don't live in palm trees,
are in your bathrooms!

That's all we really are is squirrels,
Isn't it fine I am a squirrel,
Please help us save us,
We are squirrels!,

I wanna whip out my, squirrel!
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
glad to see i'm not the only one who listens (possibly) to dr. demento ;)
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 01:15 pm (UTC)
Wow, Sherman would have had a field day with hearing and seeing all those squirrels! LOL They are his favorite things to chase.
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Date:September 26th, 2006 12:21 pm (UTC)
Live in a 3 apt. house in morrisville pa. The little rats with fluffy boas have eaten thru a hole over the porch and have been living here for 3 years between the walls. My ex's family own the house and he's going to get into the crawl space and leave some "special nuts" to take care of them. If they had opposible thumbs we'd be in deep shit!
best regards
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Date:September 27th, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC)
hum, our 'rats with boas' have been around for about that long, too.

I wonder if they are related...
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Date:September 29th, 2006 12:12 am (UTC)

circle of life.

My landlord harry told me most of the neighbors have got squrrel plague. My mom up in Massachuetts claims zero squrrels thanks to a fox or coyote.
yepper just need to balance out the ecosystem with a predator.
Well they certainly beat having a bat in the house. When they get into the house and fly around my bedroom at night I start "screaming like a little girl".
best regards,

Jeff's GeekBearCave on LJ

[no user serviceable parts inside.]