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CPAP news

over the weekend, my BiPAP (CPAP) machine started throwing error messages on the screen while starting up.
code 030.

a quick call to the friendly tech support folks, Monday, and the code means that the real time clock battery is getting low.
OK. should I be concerned?
No. cool.
Do I need to get it fixed?
yes. how long will it take once it gets to the fix-em-up folks?
about 10 to 14 days.
hum. I use the machine nightly.
ok. call your provider and tell them the error message and suggest that they give you a loaner machine.
ok. but the provider... oh, nevermind. I'll call them. yich.

a few minutes pass and I call my provider.
I get a woman by the name of Merrill on the phone. she is pleasant, well spoken and interested in my issue, quite unlike the previous experiences with my provider.
Merrill says that she'll get back to me later today and let me know what they can do for me.
I advise that we will be vacationing at the end of the week and I would like to take (some) machine with me.
she says no problem, when will I be at the apartment?
most days this week, infact if you want I can come over and exchange the machines in person, you folks are about 10 minutes away (with traffic).
terriffic, she says.
true to her word, she calls about 30 minutes later, I am in the truck heading out to lunch.
she conferences me in with the (new) respiratory therepist, we chat, she says, bring the machine and the power cord.
ok. I'll be there shortly.
the resp therepist turns out to be pleasant, efficient, and new to the company.
I ask if there are many new faces there as my experience with them this time was uncharacteristically pleasant and professional.
she thanks me.
I leave with a loaner machine, quite a bit smaller then the one that I left for repair and it's in a nice bright blue carry case.


a little tweeking over the last couple of nights and I'm sleeping atlease as good with this machine as My machine. I find that I need to use my humidifier as the built-in one doesn't seem to get hot enough to create enough humidity.

it smells a little like plaster dust, but that may just be the new machine smell, it only had about 24 hours on the clock when I got it. it could also be that I'm used to my machine smelling like the remnants of the skunk attack last month...

that is all.

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