Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

Rocky Horror Show

We stayed with friends from Camp and on Saturday we went to the Quakertown market (Q-mart) [a bubbafest, even better on Sunday afternoon I'm told], got cruised by a couple of cute bear-ish guys, one with a wife and kids present. I was stalking a cute pocket bear/cub pushing a stroller with his wife.

Then off to dinner at Ted & Joe's place and then all piled into vehicles and went to the 1159 performance of The Rocky Horror Show at the Bucks County Play House - in New Hope, PA on Saturday night.

Excellent production, audience participation and interaction.

If you are in the New Hope area and have never seen The Rocky Horror Show or The Rocky Horror Picture Show at it's (their) fully interactive best, go and see this production, it was a blast...
Complete with flying toast, lots of flying rice and water. [check the website to see what you can and can't bring to the theatre]


Otherwise a very pleasant relaxing weekend with good friends!

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