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I'm glad it's time for bed... somebody musta hit me with the idiot stick this afternoon

ordered a bunch of digital prints for pickup at the Costco near the office.

went to the office this afternoon - I usually work from home.

checked home e-mail and see a note from the CostcoPhotos folks saying that my order is delayed, please call...

call, find out that they are backed up and my order(s) are behind an order for 600 prints, they only have one machine working.

the day ends, I in the truck and head out, realize that I can spend time productively if I rearrange my stops and choose to go to Stop-n-Shop first and at a different location.

I call Dave njbigbear and ask that he lookup Stop-n-Shops near my office. There was one in Keyport/Hazlet area, cool.

do some grocery shopping, pick up a bunch of stuff which includes a couple of 1/2 gallons of milk, we'll have coffee drinkers staying with us this weekend, crispy chicken strips, paper towels, T.P., snack crackers, etc...

get to the checkout, get rung up, pay, cashier bags the stuff, back into the cart and out into the truck's backseat and floor and I'm headed off to Costco to see if my prints are done.

at photo counter at Costco:
Hi, I placed an order for prints on the 'net and was advised that the orders were delayed, have they finished?
your name?
Jeff H...
you called earlier?
there were two orders, are they ready?
shuffling through bagged orders - yes, I think that I saw them earlier, you had alot more than two orders...
shuffling, shuffling, shuffling.
there were 4x6's, 5x7's and 8x12's.
oh, ok, starts looking somewhere else. here they are, and you had CDs made, too, mor shuffling.

checking out the pictures and they look pretty good.

jump in truck and head home.

park in my usual parking space and start unloading the groceries and work-stuff from the truck.

I get to the bag with the two 1/2 gallons of milk and it's damp and squishy, like a 90degree day with 90% humidity damp and squishy and today was it was in the mid 50s(degF) and low humidity... ut-oh, and one of the bottles was laying on it's side.

the bottle lost about 1/2 a cup of it's milky goodness and some of it stayed in the bag, most of it was soaking into the carpet in the back seat of the truck.

hum, I guess it's good that I remembered the papertowels [smirk][frown]

I cleanup as best I can.
bring groceries upstairs and Dave starts putting them away.

I'm taking a mental inventory of the items as they get put away.
I ask if he saw the chicken strips.
no, haven't seen any.
hum, I'll go out and check to see if they legged it and are hiding under the seat or somewhere.
ah, I'll take out the garbage bag that's by the door and the recycling from the kitchen, too.
nope not in the truck.
back upstairs, call the store, ask if the cashier is there.
yes she is.
does she remember if I left the chicken strips behind?
no, probably the next customer has them, bring your receipt back and we'll give you a credit.
I tell her about the sealed bottle of milk with the open cap.
bring that back too and we'll credit it also.
ok, thanks.
about 40 minutes ago, Dave is getting ready to head to bed and he asks about the black plastic garbage bag that is no longer by the door.
I tell him that I took the garbage out and the recycling earlier when I went to look for the chicken strips in the truck.
No, that bag wasn't garbage, it was old tee shirts that he was going to donate.


not a good evening... is it a full or new moon?

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