Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

Saturday visit to the doc.

so. the results of my recent visit to the doc.

I was given a script for antibiotics, she said that my tonsils were swollen which was the cause of the difficulty swallowing, that I had pharingitus (sp?) which was the cause of the sore throat.

I was weighed by the nurse: 318# (298 on the scale in the bathroom) and I asked what my weight was previously: 328#, so a drop of 10 # over 2 to 3 months.  My pants are fitting a little loose then they were a couple of months ago, so I've got to say that the loss is not just water.  Yay!

Thanks go out to <lj-user=njbearcub1> Ed for noticing!


I started asking about all kinds of blood tests and she asked when I had my last physical, I figure over a year.  I got the scripts so that I can have the blood drawn during my (mostly) monthly PT/INR blood draw so that I don't have to get stuck too many times...  I'll schedule the physical after I get the blood test results back.

B.P.:  128/86

otherwise I'm in good condition.

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