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on the news tonight... and time for the Red to give in to the Blue...

It's safer to be a world traveler if you're not from the USA.

An enterprising group of folks are making a do-it-yourself (do-it-to-yourself) Become Canadian kit, t-shirts emblazoned with the Canadian flag, a Maple leaf sticker for your luggage, a Maple leaf pin for you lapel and a book on how to act and talk Canadian to begin the conversion, cute, very cute.

They are all interesting thoughts, but I would prefer that my country stopped pissing off the rest of the world and stop trying to relegate me and my friends, my gay friends, to second class citizenship.

I think that it's time for the moron in the oval office to stop smoking whatever he is smoking, or should that be snorting? and go to a place that he is truely welcome: Iraq, Iran, the UAE, Saudi.

'The religious right is neither.'

the 'comtemplative bear's' thought cloud looks a little like one of the t-shirts with the Maple leaf...

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