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Saturday - eye candy & pain.

First - Eye candy;  Santa Saturday @ The Raven - great bunch of guys, good fun, well run event.

Second - pain;  lack of coordination, two cups of coffee, two filled pretzels, the curb at the WaWa parking lot and a spill into an empty parking space shortly after leaving the store.  The embarrasing part is the fact that I had only a few sips of beer or mixed drink during the event.  I self designated as a driver for our group of 8. 

Luckily both coffees went sailing far enough away from me that they completely missed me.  There was a family sitting in front of the store, I guess waiting for someone to pick them up, who came to my aid and summoned Marvin who was waiting with Mark; out of visual range of the incident in a nearby auto. 

Exit the store, notice the folks sitting around, see the parking guide, think; I can get from the curb to the concrete in one step, next thought, hum, coffee flying, pretzels falling to the ground, I'm falling...  relax... ... ... ug...  Thud. 
shouts from the people sitting; Mr, are you OK? 
yeah, I think so. 
Do you need some help? 
Um, maybe...  give me a minute to get my whits...  ...  ... 
Ouch, right elbow hurts, mom-type woman says she'll go and get napkins, it's bleeding. 
Ok, thanks. 
pants cold, right leg and left knee. 
ouch, left knee hurts, OK, nothing feels broken, look around, no cars trying to park in the space, roll over to a sitting position. 
mom-type is back with napkins.
Thank You Mam.

Clerk, Bob comes out to see if I need assistance. 
um, maybe. 
daughter-aged girl asks if she could go and get someone. 
yes, the Honda in the corner of the lot, over there [gesture] with the NJ plates, Mark, please, thanks.

son-type comes over to offer assistance for me to get up. 
Thanks, but I think I'll stay here a while...

Clerk-Bob says that he'll be right back with some ice and a cloth. 
wet cloth to clean right elbow and a dry cloth and another dry cloth wrapping up a frozen cold pack. 
Thanks, sir.

Marvin appears.

Mother-type is very concerned about me being burned by the coffee. 
um, thanks, I think the coffee went flying and this is mud from the ground. 
thanks, mam for your concern.

I collect myself and get up. 
Clerk-Bob offers me replacement coffee and pretzels,
thanks, sir, most kind.
what did you have?

I'm standing, now, legs a little wobbly, Marvin is with me and shouting something into his cellphone...  I don't care if you've been drinking, get in the car and get over here, Jeff fell at WaWa...
Mark is here now, too, he asks are you OK, what do you need?
I had coffee for us.
you want coffee?
what was your coffee?
um, decaf, 4 blue, milk light.
he goes inside and gets a replacement coffee.

Dave comes over obviously upset,
a pained expression on his face.
he asks if Im all right.
yeah, I think so.
he says that he wishes that he was here for me.
you are now.
relax, I'll be all right, just a little banged up...
how did it happen? 
I think my right calf cramped when I stepped from the curb to the concrete parking (thing) and I fell, hard.  nothing seems broken.  The mother-type begins retelling the events from her perspective...
I need to get my whits about me so that I can drive one of the cars back to Mark & Marvin's place, via dinner...

right elbow has road rash
left knee has road rash from the inside of my pant's leg and the area is swollen.
very very minor ache in my left elbow.
and a post crampy feeling just below my right knee in the back of the calf area of the leg.

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