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Ingredients - 1 batch:
  • 1.25# - 80 to 85% lean chop meat. (leaner is NOT better, leaner ->less flavor and more rubbery)
  • 2 @ 8z Hunt's tomato sauce.
  • 1 @ 15.5z can red kidney beans, with broth.
  • 1 @ 10z can Campbell's condensed tomato soup.
  • 1 @ 1/3 can water, rinse through all cans to catch the goodness.
  • 2 to 3 Tbs olive oil.
  • 1 Tsp minced garlic or equivalent garlic cloves minced.
  • Spices:
    • lemon & pepper seasoning
    • ground pepper - peppercorn medley
    • onion powder
    • garlic powder
    • parsley
    • oregano (optional)
    • chili powder (optional)
    • paprika (optional)
Prepare the chop beef:
  • in a warm skillet over medium-high heat, add olive oil to bottom of pan allow to heat slightly.
  • add chop meat breaking into small chunks.
  • season to taste with lemon & pepper, ground peppercorn medley, onion and garlic powders
  • Do Not Overcook.
  • drain and remove from skillet when meat looses its raw-meat coloration.
In a large thick bottom pot (1 batch is approx 2 quarts, so, use a 3+ quart pot) -
combine & simmer (for a few hours (2+) ):
  • tomato soup.
  • tomato sauce.
  • kidney beans (with broth).
  • fill tomato soup can 1/3 with hot tap water, rinse through all cans to collect the 'goodness' and put into the simmer.
  • minced garlic
  • season to taste.
  • simmer uncovered for 2 to 3 hours over medium - low heat - cover if the mixture gets too thick.
  • stir periodically to prevent sticking.
Serve over pasta or with crusty Italian or French bread.

I'm trying this recipe in our new slow cooker, will report later.
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