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hospital - My great aunt...

My Great Aunt Lil is 96, lives alone and reports that, since about 4pm today, she has been seeing people in her house.  She has apparently been calling Mom and family friends this afternoon and evening advising them of the 'visitors'.

I just got off the phone with family friends Jim and Darline who were out this evening with Mom.  Mom informed me of Aunt Lil's issue a short while ago.  I chatted with Jim and asked that they call her and then go up to see her as I was concerned that she may have had a stroke and the 'visitors' were constructs of an injured brain.

Jim, Darline and Mom were up with Aunt Lil and we chatted with her. At one point, she told me that it was late and that it would be better if they went up to see the doctor in the morning, in the next breath, she told me that she was going to go to heaven when she went to sleep tonight.

We all chatted about her condition and it was obvious that she needed to get looked at.  She has expressed a very strong wish to live in the house until she died there.

During one of my chats with Aunt Lil she told me that she slipped of the edge of the bed and fell and hit her head, Thursday ( 5 days ago ).  I asked her if the folks that were visiting had been there before today, she said no.

I chatted with Jim and I chatted with Mom.  I expressed my concerns about her health and acknowledged her wish to stay in the house, but concluded that she needed to get looked at tonight. 

All of us felt that she needed medical attention and that it would be better for her to arrive by car then by ambulance.  Jim asked if would be OK for him to take her to the hospital to get checked out and she said yes.

I asked to chat with Mom.  She seemed to be O.K. and was a little disoriented, its midnight, afterall...  Mom was collecting Aunt Lil's pill bottles and I suggested that she also take a list of Aunt Lil's contact numbers for people.

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