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December 20th, 2006

I hate this time of year... @ 11:55 am

Location: apartment 9B
Mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable

My family has a history of getting sick and/or dying at this time of year. 
This year is no exception.  See post about Great Aunt Lil, elsewhere in my journal. 
Gammy Daisy (Grandmother) - heart attack at home, was revived, passed on four years ago November in the hospital,
Dad - trouble breathing, went to the hospital, complications, aneurysm, passed on three years ago early December.
Mom's open heart surgery two years ago, happily still with us.


[this part sounds like such krap after I got it written down]
Its stressful,
people running everywhere,
not knowing what to get for people,
not being able to get the 'bestest' present for someone. 
Just dealing with the bullshit of the majority of the people running around, (some are scumbag assholes), just like you are trying to get things done before "the day". 
Strangely, I've met up with quite a few nice folks this year, mostly of the 'thanks for holding the door' and 'have a good holiday' variety...


The weekend after Thanksgiving (US)  I started having trouble catching my breath after climbing stairs (gone now), swollen (more then usual right leg), and the fall Santa Saturday (see post elsewhere in my journal).

Tests - lots -
==blood; Cholesterol not bad; Glucose not bad; HgBA1C not bad. 
==Gee sir, have you ever been told that you have high BP? -no, what are the numbers?  160/80, oh, I'm usually around 126-130 / 80-85.
==Doppler Ultrasound of the legs to rule out (additional) clotting activity - None seen, but the report hasn't been sent to my G.P., either.
==CT of the chest w/ contrast, showed nothing remarkable.


About a week ago, Mr. B, husband and father of close family friends/extended family was taken ill at work, he had a heart attack, we found out it over the weekend.  He had surgery yesterday, a replacement valve and a single bypass.

I wish him the best.

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Date:December 20th, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)
Did you have someone else try taking your BP after that? Last time I was in the doctor's office, the first thing he did was take my blood pressure. I asked him how come. The nurse listed me with a fairly high BP level which I've never had so he wanted the test it. It was perfectly fine and she screwed up.
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Date:December 20th, 2006 08:47 pm (UTC)

Happy Holidays!

The appointment was on Saturday, The office was backed up and I had been waiting 1.5 hours, 1 hour of which was spent outside the office on the phone with a customer and one of our developers, fixing a high priority problem that they were having with the server that our application is on.

Happy to say that the issue wasn't our problem. I was able to remotely diagnose the issue and told the customer what to do to fix it so that it never happens again.

By BP is usually between 125/75 and 135/85, so 160/80 was a surprise, but the /80 is not too bad. The week before my B.P. was 130/80 which is closer to my norm and not bad for a 6'1" 300# sedentary guy with a moderately stressful job.

The doctor didn't mention my B.P. during our chat after he examined me, whcih is probably a good sign.

The PhsyAssistant was unfamiliar to me, after having inflated the cuff, she couldn't get her stethescope to work, and about a minute later my hand was going to sleep...

After she got the first reading, I must say, she made me laugh, after she got the stethescope to work, she huffed something about not liking the cuff and headed out of the room to get another one, saying something about the cuff sucking ass... I almost fell off the exam table laughing!

Have Good Holidays!
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Date:December 20th, 2006 10:15 pm (UTC)
well your ass sucks things in so i can see where the humor would kick in ;)

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