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Went shopping tonight.

Dave njbigbear & I went vehicle shopping tonight.

It is time to replace the 1997 Ford F150, see this post for some background, on my recent issues with it..

We looked at the Honda Element, a 2004 leftover, nice roomy for a small 4 seater, good gas milage, pleasant dealership and experience, neat looking vehicle.

Made a U-turn on route 36 and stopped at the Ford/Dodge dealership that one of my co-workers just got his Durango from.

We were looking around the lot and were approached by 2 or 3 selesmen, interestingly, as we would find out later, the second fellow turned out to be the person we were looking for.
He was busy with another customer but came over to see us and went to grab the keys and bring over a Dakota Quad Cab. Nice truck, roomy, if a little short on headroom for my taste and rear seat knee room for Dave's. We decided that it would have to be something larger. If it weren't for the fact that the Magnum is only a year or two old, I would have seriously considered it. It was Roomy, good headroom, legroom, seating position, comfortable seats, good pricing and features. Then we went back inside and sat in the Rumble Bee, a BRIGHT YELLOW Ram1500 pickup, big motor, great seats, distinctive, good looking, and on, and on, and on...

OK, BRIGHT YELLOW pickups aren't really my thing, but it got me to thinking that Dave's pickup is comfortable, rides good (since he got the shocks replaced) and is dependable (watch it break down next week (only kidding[grin])) .

We were waiting and watching and waiting and watching as the salesman ran back and forth to the sales manager's office, trying to close the deal with the 'other folks'. Well, how about $500 off here and $200 more on the trade, they say, and ... ... ...
ALREADY ... ... ...

We've been out since 6PM and haven't had dinner yet and it's after 8 o'clock and I'm starting to get a little shaky and edgy.

We wander over near the manager's office window and he sees us, motions that he'll be right out.
A minute or so passes and he apologizes for the wait, says that if he knew that we were waiting so long he would have come out sooner, but he was working on the other deal for our salesman. He asks how he can help us.

J&D: Yeah we were looking at the Dakota, but it's not quite big enough, maybe a Ram1500 would be better.
OK he says, what color and body style?
J: Quad Cab
J: Anything but white, red, light silver and I'm kinda tired of black, my current truck is black.
What engine would you like?
J: Um, I dunno, what ya got?
5.7L Hemi, 4.7L V8
J: ...[in the little kid's voice]... Hemi [grin]
OK, I'll get the keys and bring one around.
He gets the keys and has one of the other salesmen go out and grab it to take us for a test drive.

They bring up a RAM1500 SLT Quad Cab 4x4 THUNDERROAD in Mineral Gray Metallic with Dark Slate Gray interior.
Nice looking.
Nice sounding, it's got a bit of a rumble to it kinda like my old 1986.
I can almost move the driver's seat back far enough that I cannot reach the wheel, roomy!!!
the speedo says '6' Wow!
we take it on a little drive, out onto 36, up to the circle, turn onto 35 then over to the 7-11 and out to 70, turn onto 36, the salesman accompanying us says, why don't you punch it here and see what it's got?
OK, cool, grrrr, grrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrr, heh!
ut-oh, better slow down before I miss the place, and turn back into the lot.
The salesman who is accompanying us is answering questions and offering tidbits of data as I drive.
the speedo says '11'

He tells us that we can change the muffler and get a throaty-er sound and about 7% to 10% more HP for about $200. I ask if it's lease-legal and he says *YES* and *so-and-so* down the road at *blah* place in *where-ever* installs them on our vehicles all the time...

Oh, my...
I don't think it'll need it but the prospect is interesting.

He takes us around the back and tells us about the features of the truck bed and that we can get a bedliner and that the spray-in-liner is lease-OK too. ClassIV receiver/hitch, towing package, 7 pin wiring harness is here and the 4 pin harness is already wired in under here.

He says, have you seen the engine in these things?,
um, nope,
OK come on up here.
Opens the hood, he starts telling Dave about the coolant that it's animal and environmentally friendly and where the fluid fill and check points are and I'm staring at the engine in all of it's brutish glory and the angels sing out, 8 spark plugs and 8 little coils to power them. [and a little voice says, 'hemi']

Aw, shit, I'm hooked and we haven't even talked to the salesman that we went there to see.

Ok, calm down there are alot of other vehicles to look at, and this is only the second dealership and.
Damn, It happened again. Just like two years ago, but this is different. We are treated with respect and not as just a source of cash and the vehicle is new and this ...just...feels...right...

OK, cool...
I think that I can manage...
The fellow who we are there to see has finished with his other customer. We comment that it seemed to be a difficult sale, he says, they had some financing concerns and were worried about some late house payments, but they'll be happy with the vehicle.

OK. on to brass tacks.

You fella's had a test drive, did you like it?
J: Yeah.
are you interested in that one?
J: hem and haw and hem and haw and hem and what other colors do you have?
J: I like that color, atleast it's not white or red or black or the light silver, got any in blue metallic?
Yes, but not the THUNDERROAD package.
J: oh.
J: Yeah, I like that one.
salesman: OK, tell me about your trade in.
J: 1997 F150 blah, $9,400 left on the loan. I can pay that off, blah Lariat blah Leather interior blah...
for the lease, 12k or 15k per year?
J: could your run both, please?
36 or 39 month lease?
J: which ever works out better, but run one of them as 36 months, please.
OK, here's the deal, you give us the 1997 F150 and $9,400 and we pay off the loan and get a clear title, which will save you 30 to 60 days and a couple of trips to the bank and MVS and 39 month lease with 12k miles/year is $blah/mo and with 15k miles/year is $blah+$19/mo.

No Shit.

$100/mo less then I'm paying now and it's ***NEW***
and that includes taxes, MV fees and costs for the 39 months.

... this is happening all too smoothly and all too quickly ...

I've gotta go home and think about this and check a couple of more things out and he's asking if I like the deal and I say Yes, his manager says, would you like to drive it away tonight?
Um, no, not really, I'd like to think about it.
I look over at Dave and he's kinda looking at me strange-like, cause we had talked about this possibility and here I am right where I said that I didn't want to get myself too soon and the salesman says, we sell about 2 or 3 of these a week and we could hold it while you think about it, but you'll have to leave a deposit.

**AH** time --> leave a little cash, get some time to think about it and digest what has happened.
OK, how much for a deposit? well we can put it on a credit card and refund it when you come to pick it up. I tell him that I'll use my debit card, cause it's all coming from the same place anyway, is $200 or $300 OK?
sure, whatever you want to leave.
Dave looks at me and says what about if you change your mind.
I say, it's only $300 and if need be I can dispute it with the bank. But I don't think that we'll need to.
Here's the card, take $300 for the deposit.
I ask the salesman for a copy of the window sticker, they ran the charge on my card, I signed and we were almost out the door.

...OK where to eat, it's after 9PM now and it's been a draining evening. McD's or pizza, too late for pizza, OK McD's.

Pictures to follow.

I figure that We'll probably try to pick it up on Wednesday, or so...

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