Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

cha-ching [echoes]

I have a Cingular/AT&T cellphone.  Over the last two days, I have had spotty service outside the apartment and no service in the apartment.  Normally  I have no problems using the phone most anywhere.  I have spent about 4 hours on the phone with the CSRs.  Friendly folks, but until I dropped by the Cingular store at the mall No One from the 800 help line was able to tell me that they were having network issues in my area.  By the way, the phone worked while I was in the store.

Today, around 4PM ET, I called the 800 help line again to find out the ETR and was told that the issues they were having yesterday (and this morning) were resolved.  Interesting, I said, but I still have no service.  So, more pleasant chatter and remove the battery and SIM card and wait a couple of minutes, and viola!  3 bars and a 'G', then two bars and a 'U' and then a sad little antenna and an '!' - no service.  UG.

The 800 help line person refreshed the webpage that she was looking at and said that about 80 minutes ago (so around 230 PM ET) they were having a new network problem - affecting most users of my type of phone, from maryland to rhode island.  nice.

So, the cha-ching...  I mentioned to the CSR that I have been without service for two days and asked what I should do to secure a credit after the outage was resolved.  She responded, let me check your level of service, then she told me that she would be applying a courtesy credit for the amount of my monthly telephone minutes.  I thanked her.


So, if I want to use the phone I can go to the mall, stand outside the Cingular store and I'll have service.


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