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cuddlcub Birthday excursion to NYC on Saturday

I would like to prefix this post by saying that I'm terrible at associating names with faces. Details I can do, but association to proper names just isn't working for me.

njbigbear  and I took the train from Red Bank into NYC yesterday afternoon to meet up with cuddlcub  & tomebear  , bulldogcubnj  , bigboychb  and four other fellows for dinner at Sammy's Noodle Shop & Grill ( 6th Ave @ 11th St NYC ) {I picked up a take out menu [wink] } For some excellent food and conversation.  Topped off with some most excellent cupcakes that tomebear brought in for dessert.  Following dinner we went to Ty's on Christopher Street for a couple of beers, then called it an evening.

Tom, Jeff; Thanks for the invite, I (we) had a very nice time!

Jeff; Happy Birthday Hugs!

My apologies to the four other folks for whom my memory has failed! Including, but not limited to...

To the very attractive cub who's partner was ill and not able to join us for the evening out. Good luck with the hunt! and best wishes for improved health to your partner.

To the fellow who was visiting from Colorado, with the bear claw tattoo behind his ear, who arrived with Kurt, it was good to meet you! Have a safe trip back.

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