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keys for the camper - a happy odyssey

After the Lowe's incident (recent post).

I found an honest-to-god locksmith shoppe in Bradley Beach, about a 20 minute drive from the apartment and about 7 blocks from the beach.

When I got to the locksmith shop there were two customers plus myself. There was a cute business casual cub/bear sitting on one of the safes that ringed the walls of the shop. There was a dark skinned fellow at the customer side of the counter, who seemed agitated and was loudly tapping his flip flops on the floor and was most annoying. I figured that he was being taken care of, so I asked business casual cub/bear if he was in line, he said, "No, he was waiting for [blah]"

I noticed a light and cream colored Rotweiler peering its big head out around the counter and under the chair that was blocking the opening. I smiled at it, it seemed quite happy and content hanging out people watching and waiting for its master.

The agitated fellow on our side of the counter is starting to get on my nerves, so I decide to see what will happen when I address him and ask if he has been taken care of.

{me}[clearing my throat]How-ya-doing?
{agitated guy}fixes me an irritated glare and grumbles something like o.k.
{me}[slight smile, standing tall]have you been taken care of?
{a.g.}[grumbling]I'm waiting on a lock.
{me}oh, O.K.

After a minute or so the agitated fellow looks around and seems to be getting noticeably less agitated, which is good as I had about had enough of his loud thumping and bad attitude.

A short while later, the fellow behind the counter addresses me and announces that he's new, yesterday, can he help me? [to myself - why yes Mr chubby cub you can.] I state that I need keys made. He gives me a big smile and says that Rob will be out to take care of me shortly.

Ah Rob... [woof]! A manly vision with a buzzed head, goatee, tattoos, a firm, but round belly, short stout legs and the respect and admiration of the Rotweiller.

Rob addresses me and asks what I need.
[um, what do I need? ]
[what am I doing here in this locksmith's shop?]
[Ah, yes] I need keys copied.
I hand the keys to him and he asks the usual questions about them, what are they to, etc.
[in my mind: I'm behind the counter, bent over and he's pushing his manly tool into me while the Rotweiller watches the front door]
um, a travel trailer - camper. he asks what the rubber coated keys are for, the entry doors.
[in my mind: I'm up at camp, bent over the tailgate of a pickup truck and Rob's thrustings are making the suspension groan.]

He calls out another guy, middle aged, fairly unremarkable. Rob kneels down beside the opening in the counter to access a computer that is on a low shelf to look a couple of things up and he and unremarkable guy settle on the key blanks that are needed and Rob starts making the keys while mr. chubby cub finishes them and stamps the shop's name. By this time three additional customers have arrived in the store making the total 6 on our side of the counter. Three women, annoying guy (who is not so annoying any more), business casual cub/bear and me.

unremarkable guy rings up the sale and I pay him.

I shall be returning to the shop if for no other reason then to show Rob and mr. chubby cub to Dave. I'm sure that we can find some keys that need to be duplicated!

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