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odd dream

I sent this to a friend a few minutes ago and thought that it would make a good LJ post.

Sorry if I sound a little off this morning, I didn't sleep well, or I didn't wake up well. still have a Dry mouth, remember a weird dream I was having, remember waking up several times with a dry mouth.

The dream involved a pair of elevators and for some reason even when we were inside one of the elevators, we could see through to the other one selectively and out to the adjoining floors, also selectively.

I had an black umbrella with me.

On several occasions during the dream our elevator missed the floor we selected and ended up with its doors open half between floors or in the basement, We just pushed another floor button and the elevator moved again, doing something different.

Once near the end of the dream our car, the deep car, opened it's doors half a floor below and one full car away from the floor we wanted.

so, floor|door|elevator shaft(not present)|elevator car(with us) with no sides|shaft and outside wall, stacked in a straight line.

A couple of times I used my umbrella to test for the floor towards the building floor in the next elevator shaft and there was none.

There were a few go rounds in this dream cycle of pressing a button and the elevator stopping on a correct or incorrect floor. Once we were stopped half way between floors near the top of the shafts and there was a ding outside our car. The doors opened on the other side of the vacant shaft and there were three people there, we shouted STOP! but one of them had already moved far enough into the empty shaft that they fell several floors. I woke up.

odd dream. I'm going to post this to L.J.
Tags: odd dream, with illustration.

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