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Mom called back. re: HSI

It seems that, today, the guy from the cable company did a thorough check and decided that the wire from the pole to the side of the house needed to be replaced.

6+ or so months ago we called the cable co because the lights on the cable modem weren't blinking like they usually do. (Mom speak) Several checked and a few unplug/plugin cycles later they send us up the the next level of support, then the next, then back to the local office for an appointment. A few days later I get a call from Mom, the cable guy is there and needs my permission... to drill a hole in the siding to run a new wire in to the TV/cable modem. Um, NO. run it into the wood window frame in the basement right next to the old one and barrel it to the wire running upstairs to the TV. I REPEAT NO HOLES IN THE SIDING. No holes were put in the siding, he left about 30 feet of cable coiled in the basement and barrelled the connections together. He left me a new splitter and a few jumpers that I would use when I ran the cable upstairs through a hole in the floor.

About 4 months ago, Mom started complaining that the cable modem wasn't blinking like it used to (again).

Bad son & son-in-law that we are, she waited until the end of camping season before we could make it there on the weekend to have a look-see. I ran the cable up to the living room, connected everything as it should be connected. Pretty blinking lights on the cable modem - showing that it was running it's POST and then dying. ...grumble... Called the cable co. again, several tiers of service folk and back to the local office to schedule an appt.

The cable guy comes out and replaced the attractive 4" x 4" x 2" RCA modem (think scaled MAC MINI) with an ugly Toshiba unit with more lights - joy. Mom reported that the guy asked why the modem was in the basement - it was in the basement because on the particular day that we were there the thought about shoving the cable up through the hole I had just drilled, only occured to me after we were most of the way home - duh.

Over the next couple of weeks the Vonage adapter (the thing with the blue blinking lights - in Mom Speak) would go from 4 blue lights with one blinking to two lights on steady from time to time and the attached phone would loose its dial tone. I eventually asked Mom to check the cable modem in the basement when the blue lights were not doing their blinky - blinking. She said that the green lights on the cable modem were off, too.

Hum, sounds like another bum cable modem.

I called the cable co and got Mom on via conference call. We again traversed to third level tech support before being sent back to the local office to schedule a service call.

So, Three service calls over the last several months - to get the wire from the grounding block into the house & splitter & jumpers, the cable modem, and the wire from the pole to the grounding block replaced. If the first prick had bothered to replace the complete drop from the pole to the inside there would have been no need for THREE separate service calls.

Hopefully this is it for a while with Mom's cable modem.

If you're all thinking me a right shit for not moving on all this faster, please understand that I had the cable modem put in for my use when she had cardiac bypass and valve replacement surgery a couple of years ago, left it in and got her a Vonage adapter on my account so that she can call a friend in the UK on a regular basis...

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