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due to be delivered 2/28

Dave finally convinced me that our mattress needed to be replaced. We spent a few hours over the last couple of weeks checking out bedding stores and trying out many different bedding sets.

We first looked at the Select Comfort sleep system with the his & his remote controls, then off to J C Penney & Boscov's to lay on a few more beds, then we resolved to check out a bed or two from Tempurpedic sleep system.

This afternoon after a nice breakfast at The Starving Artist in Ocean Grove NJ, we went to Costco for a few items, then headed back to the apartment, consciously avoiding one bedding merchant and stopping in the 1-800-Mattress store on Rt 35 in Eatontown.

The salesman was busy with another group of customers, but took a moment to tell us his name, Barry, and to ask if we needed assistance, he then returned to other customers. Of the two or three places we looked previously, this was the only one where a salesperson engaged us within a minute or so after we entered the establishment!

The twenty-something guy at the Select Comfort store in the mall didn't realize at first that we were trying to get his attention. It wasn't until Dave asked, 'Do You Work Here, dude?' that the guy looked up and came over to see what he could do for us and start to describe the beds and systems.

At the bedding department at J C Penney, which seemed more like an annex of the furniture department, it took a good 10 to 15 minutes before anyone swept by to see if they could assist us and then asked all of us, all three groups of folks, if they needed assistance, before disappearing again.

So, back to the 1-800-mattress store, Dave & I were making our way around the store laying on beds here and there, taking our time to get a good feel for the bed before making mental notes and moving on. There were 50% discounted floor models at the front of the store and Tempurpedic off on the right and Simmons at the back and Serta & Sealy grouped with each other near the middle of the store.

The first mattress that we said to each other - "go try that one", was a Serta - Castillo SPT mattress - just firm enough, just plush enough to fill in the area under the small of our backs and the area under our knees with good support all around, not too soft, not too firm, no pressure points, easy to get into and out of. The mattress was at a 50% discount off of S.R.P. and it was a New set - cool! - have we found the mattress that we should get?

A few more lay downs and a man & woman came in and the salesman excused himself and took a few minutes to engage the new couple. Let's call them - Mr. 'Can't Decide/getting confused trying to find the best buy' and Mrs. 'I have a Bad Back and want to see what you guys pick/oh lets just get this one...' - Mr & Mrs CD/BB.

So CD & BB ask the salesman about Simmons and he starts talking with Mr. CD about this and that and blah and blah and blah. We hear what they are talking about and decide to go over and have alook. Mrs BB sees us and asks what we've looked at and what we're considering and how we were choosing between all the different mattresses. We chatted with her for a few minutes and tried out a couple of Simmons sets. We had narrowed our choices down to the Serta Castillo SPT $xxxx & the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Cypress Latex Plush Super Pillow Top Set $(xxxx + 499) .

We chatted some with the salesman and the couple and we decided on the Simmons, because it is a little firmer, little more plush for comfort and seems to have less motion transfer then the Serta.


is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday Feb 28 between 3 & 7 PM - We'll let you know!


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