Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

why I woke up at 4AM.

I'm not sure whether to classify this as a paranormal experience or not.

Earlier this morning,

about 4:05, I woke up from a strange dream, got out of bed, there was a snippet of a Talking Heads tune playing in my head - '...In the living room...'. (from *Television Man* link)

I went into the bathroom, then into the living room, had a look around, decided that there was nothing to be concerned about.

sat down on the recliner, dimmed the laptop screen, fell asleep.

about 5:05, I awoke again from a strange dream, the Talking Heads snippet still repeating in my head.

went back to bed, reconnected to my CPAP machine and fell asleep.

about 5:12, the phone was ringing,
I awoke and answered it, it was a woman calling from the Customer Call Center, telling me that there was a new ticket from my customer...

about 7:10, finished with the customer issue.

about 7:12, writing this entry.

Some time during my interactions with the customer and the developer I called for assistance, he mentioned that Danny, the systems admin, had mentioned that there would be this type of work happening this week.


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