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home PC monitor

A couple of weeks ago, my trusty, hand-me-down-from-Dave Sony 17" LCD monitor started jumping at the top and bottom of the picture. I messed around with the cables and it was fine for about 2 weeks.

Saturday morning, the jitters started again and got worse the longer the screen was on, progressing to random groups of black & white lines obscuring areas of the screen.

I tried messing with the cables, again, to no avail. The jitters and streaks continued even after I disconnected the signal cable from the back of the monitor. yuck!

I like buying stuff and I like shopping (most of the time) when I can lay hands on a device and put it through its paces.

LCD monitor shopping on the 'net is not all that easy, when you want to touch the item and see how certain functions perform.

A week or so before the first set of jitters started, I was musing that it would be interesting to have a second monitor to widen the desktop.

Sunday I went to Staples looking for a View Sonic HDTV/wide screen monitorthis monitor only to find out that Staples stores don't carry it and its only available via mail order.

Went to Circuit City, they have a 24" WS Gateway monitor with all the bells and whistles that I'm looking for. The Gateway monitor has some image issues, namely, there are 2 one inch tall areas of lightness at the very top and very bottom of the screen.

Annoyed, I left Circuit City and headed back to the apartment to do some remote research and try to find something with a feature set and image quality that I can afford.

I found that a Radio Shack near me had one of the View Sonic monitors in stock. Over lunch I went to the store to try and check out the monitor. It was hooked up to a Sony SD camcorder via composite video and the folks at the store had the monitor set to fill the screen. Not the best way to sell a monitor or a camera, for that matter, but I guess that's why all the salesmen could afford to be watching a movie on one of the big screen in between being (mildly) annoyed with my questions.

I was completely unable to check out the image quality in the store, poor source, bright overhead lighting, etc. I bought the monitor with the thought that I would be able to check it out better at home and we could use it as a TV in the camper if it was not up to the task of desktop computer display.

So, Jeff, tell us about the monitor's performance.

I connected it to my Panasonic DVD burner and put in a movie, connected the player to the monitor with a S-video cable, the image was o.k.,

After a little tweeking, the oversaturated color was gone. Even with the sharpness turned all the way up the picture on Dave's 20+ year old 27" JVC CRT TV looked better.

This doesn't bode well for computer connected performance, does it?

You guessed it - NOPE!

I connected it to my desktop machine with a DB15 analog cable, set the resolution on the desktop to 1680x1050 - native resolution for the panel. Yuck - the white-ish areas of the image aren't white! hum, recalibrate the display?

I broke out the Pantone Spyder2PRO that Dave & bought at one of the PhotoshopUser training sessions and let it do it's thing, the picture was a little better.

Dave came home and took one look at it and asked if I had calibrated the monitor - yes.
He said it's blue. We both took a critical look at the monitor from off angle and it's the whites are Seriously blue.

We've come to the conclusion that it's going to be returned after I get a suitable replacement.

I'm thinking of the Dell 2408WFP - if anyone has experience with the 2408, please share your experiences.


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