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There is a place near camp - Chocolates by Leopold - they make the yummiest confections!

We were visiting Montrose PA yesterday and stopped in the shop, we were served(sic) by a very adorable cub-ish fellow by the name of Tom. Pictures on the walls of the master confectioner - Leopold - reveal him to be a very attractive daddy bear looking fellow.

In conversation with the gorgeous cub/bear-looking fellow behind the counter was very attentive to our little group and always seemed to have a pleasant smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. As we were checking out, Tom, as we found out, with a wry smile, asked, where we were from - not local, he asked where we were staying - all three of us, bears all, replied Hillside, he didn't flinch... I would swear that his smile got a little wider... Hum, I wonder if we might see him at camp at one of the Bears weekends?

that is all.

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