Jeff (geekbearjeff) wrote,

weird and a little creepy

so, I'm sitting here at the laptop at the dinette in the trailer at camp.
I've just changed the channel on the TV to Wood Works and contemplating a shower.
There is a knock at the door and I mute the TV.
There is a voice asking if he can come in.
I say yes, thinking that its Mark & Marvin's guest, Don and I didn't recognize his voice.
Its a stranger, thin, shirtless, wearing shorts and workboots.
Not my type, but there are no warning alarms going off in my head, so I decide to see what's up.
He comes in to middle of the living room and stands about 3 paces away from me.
He says something like, 'I saw your bear flag from your neighbor's place and I had to come by and say hello.'
I nod, 'Ok, hello'.
He steps closer, puts his hand out to shake and introduces himself, his name is Peter.
me: still sitting, I shake his hand, I'm Jeff.
I ask where he's staying, site 60, (mumble), he's looking to find some action. (he sounds vaguely French Canadian)
me: 'hum, ok, I hope you find some.'
he: something about internet - me: yes.
he: got any porn - me: all the good stuff is at home.
he: oh, okay - I didn't want to interrupt whatever you're doing, if I am, I'll be going.
me: have a good evening then.
he walks to the door and lets himself out and wishes me a good evening.

I contemplate locking the door, from now on, when I'm in here.
I decide to make this post.

I guess the guy has some boundary issues, like, maybe, he doesn't have any boundaries, or something.

as some of you may know I'm not all that fond of meeting new people.
I'm not all that fond of large crowds or people in high density situations. I'm quite happy to be around a small group of folks that I feel comfortable with and will, on occasion, put myself in an uncomfortable situation for the sake of getting out.

Dave came in a few minutes after the guy left. I asked him if they had sent the guy over.
Dave: No, what guy.
me: The guy that was just in here.
Dave: I thought that was you coming outside to sit on the deck.
me: no, it was some stranger........ read my LJ post.

Dave finished reading: are you alright?
me: yes, a little weirded and creeped out.
Dave: you gonna be OK?
me: yes.
Dave: we're going up to the fire.
me: ok, take your keys and lock the door behind you.
Dave: keys?
me: YES - take your keys and LOCK the door, please.
Dave: OK.
me: I sit here typing this prologue wondering what's up with the cosmos.

[update: 2008-07-12-1553]
While talking with a few village neighbors at the pool after brunch, I found out that this_Peter_fellow is actually Dutch, living with his boyfriend in Canada and is stalking one of the folks I was talking with. I'll call the fellow getting stalked Mr-B. who is an Ex of Mr-A who is currently partnered to Mr-C - ok, here goes...

I was telling the story (above) to Mr-A & Mr-C. Mr-C tells proceeds to tell me that before visiting me last night, the_Peter_fellow, it seems, spent some time, trying to get the whereabouts of the Mr-B from him, he eventually told the_Peter_fellow that Mr-B had his own site and that he needed to leave.

Mr-B chimes in and tells us of the last time he interacted with the_Peter_fellow, that they were having dinner and the_Peter_fellow is standing at the gate for about 15 minutes before Mr-B speaking to the_Peter_fellow in Dutch, says something like: "you're being rude and need to go away, now."

So, that_Peter_fellow gets added to the list of odd folks that I would prefer not to interact with ever again:

  • the_Peter_fellow
  • Frank the tickler
  • leg_humping Ulysses
  • creepy Jesus & bear loving guy (who is usually here on bear weekends whenever Frank and Ulysses are here)

[/update: 2008-07-12-1553]

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