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Pizzaria Uno - That waiter Lied to me!

Waiter: asks if I wanted something to drink
Me: Yes - What do you have that is Caffeine Free and Diet.
W: Diet Mountain Dew
Me (J): [odd look on my face]... um, no.
W: what? Mountain Dew has no caffeine
J: Thinking that I would break out into a treatise of why choochoo68 has Mountain Dew as an alternative to Diet Pepsi, when he needs a little pick-me-up - and then I said, how about Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, it has a gold colored label - or WATER. (I knew that I should have just said water - but pizza goes better with soda)
W: brings back a glass filled with brown effervescent liquid and some ice and says that the label was gold colored.

I'm still WIDE AWAKE and it's 2:38 AM!

so, it's Highly Unlikely that the glass of brown effervescent liquid with ice that the waiter at Pizzaria Uno brought was Caffeine Free.

Ya see, last night I finally got to sleep after 4AM due to a mishap with some late night junkfood and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yes, I put the doughnuts out for the chipmunks this morning.

So, I figure that if I didn't have any caffeine after 4PM, which was the plan and would be the case if the soda @ P.Uno was what I asked for, I would have been in bed and comatose sometime around 11:30PM and I am clearly no comatose.

We. Are Not. Amused...

We. Are NEVER going back to that P.Uno, EVER!

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